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Dom Andrew

Dom wanted this show to be called “This Time We Have a Dom” but he was overruled by certain other members of the cast and production team. That’s okay though, because he doesn’t hold a grudge. Once described as a man “whose monologues about his addiction to public urination seemed truly heartfelt” (Varsity), he has written/performed in numerous comedy shows including Footlights Presents: Nothing Really Mattress, The Really Late Show and Seven Sketchy Sins. He has also been seen performing standup at events in Cambridge including Footlights Smokers, Pembroke Players Smokers and the Wolfson Howler. Outside of Cambridge, he doesn’t do anything of note because he lives in rural England and can’t drive.

Will Boyce

TIME MAGAZINE PERSON OF THE YEAR 2006 Will Boyce is a man with literally gallons of pizzazz which, combined with his metric tonne of chutzpah and imperial tonne of swank, would crush his spine if not for his can-do-attitude. If you find this description ‘too vague’ then his act can be clearly summarised in just one word: je ne sais quoi. He is also known for being punctual and has a full clean UK driving licence.


Miranda Evans

Miranda has dug many of her own holes but climbed out of them, tripped over many bumps, but got up again. Miranda believes that life is not what you make it, but what you learn from it. Miranda loves keeping active by exploring our beautiful countryside, taking long scenic walks or riding her mountain bike along country lanes or off-road cycle routes. Miranda enjoys traditional home comforts like sitting down and/or watching BBC Panorama with a cup of milk. Miranda has also written and performed in shows such as her debut stand-up hour, To Be Frank.

Rhys is a Welsh writer and comedian. Despite this he has been described as "captivatingly charismatic". You might remember him from countless Cambridge shows including 'Footlights: Spring Revue 2024', 'The Really Late Show' and his debut stand-up hour, 'Pragga Wagga Cowboy'. Rhys is currently sitting alone in the dark watching an episode of 'Magnum P.I'. "All that glory, that glamour, and where did it lead me?" he mumbles to himself. "Way to go, Magnum..."

Rhys Griffiths


Diya is a graduating Linguistics student and comedian, and is still unsure about which of the two has stronger job prospects (if any). She has been performing, writing and directing both sketch and stand-up comedy since her first year of university, after getting involved with the BME sketch comedy show Second Generation: Ice-Cream Tubs and Tupperware as a Writer/Performer. Most recently, she was a Writer/Performer/Little Spoon in the 2024 Footlights Spring Revue: Washed Up. Diya’s proudest moment was writing and performing her debut one-woman stand-up show, ‘The Good, The Bad and the Humbling’, which received a standing ovation and a lovely four-star review. This is closely followed by her appearance on the quiz show Pointless (complete with getting a Pointless answer!).

Diya Shah


Toria White

Toria is a third year Engling at Homerton College. She has been involved in the Cambridge Comedy scene since she was a fresher, starting with the improv show 'Comic Sans', a later iteration of which she went on to co-direct. She has been involved in many smokers and sketch shows in her time at Cambridge, including 'Footlights Spring Revue 2024: Washed Up'. Additionally, Toria co-wrote the 2023 CUADC/Footlights pantomime: Dick Whittington and his Cat, a self-defined cult classic. 



Ewan Woods
Tour Manager

Ewan is a Third Year Hspser at Corpus Christi with a terminal addiction to doing too many things with too little time. When he isn’t running around trying to bring the casts whacky visions to life he is producing all sorts of shows, such as ‘Seven Sketchy Sins’ ‘1984’ and ‘Exit the King’. Ewan has also acted as a Technical Director on many shows, from “5/11” to the Offie-nominated play “Dazzling” both at Pembroke and the 2023 Edinburgh Fringe with Fundemental Loose Screw Theatre. Ewan hopes you’ll all love this show, he’s sent a lot of emails to make it happen, so please enjoy it!!


Madeleine Sanderson

Maddy is a graduating English student [fingers crossed] who’s looking forward to her big break in the world of terminal unemployment. Previous romps around the Cambridge theatre circuit have included directing the absurdist ‘My Eyes Are Not Scabs’ and ‘Footlights: Spring Revue 2024’ as well as taking on the role of writer, director and lead actor [see: control freak] in her original sitcom-cum-dark comedy ‘Bloody Knees’, whilst also subjecting Cambridge audiences to bouts of her sketch and stand-up comedy across three years of Smokers. Maddy is super pumped to be directing this year’s tour show, and apologises in advance to the prod team for all the paperwork they'll have to fill out [“someone’s gotta flea and worm Lloyd, and spoiler alert, it ain’t gonna be me”].

James Allen
Assistant Director & Educational Officer

James is a first year Engling at Fitzwilliam College, and is super excited to be involved with this years tour show! He has previously been the assistant director on 'Footlights Spring Revue 2024' and 'Serious Money'; co-directed 'Pragga Wagga Cowboy' and alternative comedy night, 'Pigs' and has also directed 'To Be Frank'. When not directing, he is known to occasionally be on stage, appearing in 'CUADC/Footlights Panto 2023', 'Britfoot', and various Footlights’ smokers. James has written sketches for this year’s tour show; having written for 'Seven Sketchy Sins' and wrote the Offie-nominated play, 'Attachment: The Leech Show', staged by Kitsch Theatre at the 2023 Edinburgh Fringe (and coming to Cambridge next term!) James is currently the Vice-President of the Footlights for the year 2024-25.

Sarah Marsh

Sarah is a second year philosopher and the technician for this year’s tour. That means she gets to be involved with all technical aspects including lighting, sound and most excitingly risk assessment! When she is not designing this shows lights and sound she is an absolute Stage Management fiend, having recently Stage Managed ‘5/11’ and ‘Penelope Quadrangle and the meaning of Friendship’. She can’t wait to lighting design her second footlights show after Footlights Spring Revue 2024 earlier this year.

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