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Edinburgh Blog Day #22

Hello muggles,

It’s William Baggerton here, the Footlights Tour Blogger. We’re on Day 22 of the Fringe. Hope you’ve been enjoying my updates so far - I take it very seriously as it is my sole job. Can’t wait to be flown out to the States to take my blogging international, only a week remaining.

It’s Fosters nomination announcement day, and although I respect all the acts involved I believe they have made huge errors as they are not my favourite shows of the Fringe. Here is my list of nominations a.k.a The Baggerton Awards £Baggerton £Baggers £SorryDon’tKnowHowToUseThisLaptop £FootlightsLappy

  • James White

I loved James White because he perfectly encapsulates the ongoing personal and creative ennui of the young comedian. From his opening joke, he really cleverly makes you laugh. Then, he keeps making you laugh for ten minutes and just when you think you can’t laugh any more, you do laugh some times more. I’m laughing right now thinking about his jokes about meta, and he is probably laughing too - laughing his way to the bank because not only is his show a paid show, it is also quite expensive. However, it is all worth it.

2. The Rodeo Bonanza Radio Roadshow

I walked in not knowing anything about what to expect and boy was I not disappointed. The lit empty stage did little to give anything away, and neither did the venue usher who refused to answer my quizzing questions. The show was so whacky and experimental that I really felt like I was barely myself anymore, let alone an artist slash serial blogger. It really made me question what art is?

3. Dave Benson Phillips in Get Your Own Back Live

First off, Dave Benson-Phillips is a fantastic showman and really knows how to work a crowd. But GYOBL is much more than that - it becomes a dark, and oftentimes tragic, character study. He plays a very thinly fictional version of himself and it explores themes like lost fame, cyberbullying and the early 00’s. At points, the show becomes very real, flicking between reality and fauxality within the frame of the comeback of a failed children’s show presenter.

4. James Acaster

The greatest stand-up of our generation and this generation is a pretty good one. I really wish he had got nominated but he is very frequently overlooked by awards and comedians alike, but never overrated or overdressed.

Anyway those are my thoughts. Please remember that as the Tour Blogger my views directly represent the views of the Footlights, not just within our show but all Footlights past, current and future members.

William Baggerton out.

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